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Massage Therapy

Facial mask - a woman gets facial mask.

Nelly De Vuyst Facial


Discovery Facial ( Basic Facial )

Enjoy relaxing and pampering moment with the Nelly De Vuyst experience. This introductory treatment provides freshness and well being to the skin.

50min/ $75 plus tax

Add on Eye Contour Treatment/ $25 plus tax

Organic Certified Facial

Nelly De Vuyst presents the first hypoallergenic, ultra-hydrating and anti-aging COSMOS certified BioTense Facial. Combines neuro-relaxing, regenerating, moisturizing plant extracts, patented vitamin C, amino-acids, fragmented hyaluronic acid with an innovative massage technique for immediate moisture, firming and illuminating results.

50min/ $80 plus tax

Facial for Men

This facial treatment is specifically designed to answer the needs of a man’s skin. It purifies, hydrates and soothes man’s skin while offering a relaxation moment. Revitalizing treatment that will satisfy the male clientele.

50min/ $80 plus tax

Add on Eye Contour Treatment/ $25 plus tax

Purity Facial

Finally, oily, impure and dull skin has its beauty treatment. The lyophilized extracts of marine seaweed vivify the complexion and mattify the skin to eliminate shine and dull complexion.

60min/ $80 plus tax

Add on Eye Contour Treatment/ $25 plus tax

Bul'Mask Oxygenating Treatment

Unique to Nelly De Vuyst, Bul’Mask is an ultra-oxygenating care which facilitates epidermis exchanges and permeability. It increases the penetration of Nelly De Vuyst corrective actives to maximize their action for dramatic results.

50min/ $95 plus tax

Add on Eye Contour Treatment/ $25 plus tax

OxyPeel Brightening Facial

Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation? Is your complexion uneven? Discover this unmatched treatment which naturally addresses hyperpigmentation. This organic vitamin C based treatment targets melanocytes, the cells responsible of cutaneous pigmentation, for an even glowing complexion.

50min/ $100 plus tax

Add on Eye Contour Treatment/ $25 plus tax

LED Light Therapy Mask

Add on to Facial $25.00

LED light therapy is a skin treatment with many benefits. Depending on the color of light selected, light therapy treatments can target signs of aging and help acne. Light therapy uses low- energy infrared light to penetrate deep into skin. This type of light in non-damaging to the skin and helps skin cells regenerate.

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